Our Trails

Where our trails will be:

Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest is a Wisconsin state forest of more than 225,000 acres (910 km2) across Vilas, Oneida, and Iron counties in north-central Wisconsin. The state forest includes numerous lakes, rivers, and streams. The most prominent rivers are the Wisconsin, Flambeau, and Manitowish. The state forest supports a large variety of outdoor recreation activities including camping, hiking, snowmobiling, bicycling, boating, fishing, hunting, Atv riding and birdwatching. In addition to recreational activities the state forest also hosts a number of research programs. The forest is a state-managed timber resource providing opportunities for commercial logging, individual firewood collection, and individual Christmas tree harvesting.

The town of Boulder Junction is surrounded by the NHAL State Forest. The ATV-UTV trails for Boulder Junction will be primarily in the State Forest. The ATV-UTV trails will weave through trees, open fields and through the prettiest areas in the State.

People are often tempted to do three things:

  • Leave their mark
  • Get Comfortable
  • Take a souvenir

The whole idea of Leave No Trace and minimizing impact is that we do not leave any mark of our visit. It often takes a real effort for people to control their urge to write a message or pick something up. The best tool you can take with you on an outing to help minimize your impact and still have great memories of your trip is a camera. Digital cameras allow you to take hundreds of photos for free and then pick out the best at home.

forest pic